Cosmetic hose difference method
- May 21, 2018 -

At the hierarchical level, cosmetic hoses are divided into single-layer, double-layer, and five-layer hoses, which are different in terms of pressure resistance, impermeability, and feel. For example, the five-layer tube consists of an outer layer, an inner layer, and two adhesive layers. There is also a barrier layer. Double-pipe is more commonly Super Oval BB Cream Tubes used, and it can be used as a single layer.

    In terms of calibre, cosmetic hose caliber is 13#-60# variety of calibers. When a certain caliber hose is selected, different capacity features are marked with different lengths. The capacity is 3ml-360ml. Below 60ml, the diameter below 35#, 100ml, 150ml is usually used with 35#-45# caliber, and for above 150ml, the diameter above 45# is required.Super Oval BB Cream Tubes and therefore have correspondingly higher prices.

    The shape of the hose cover is generally divided into a flat head cover, a round head cover, a high cover, a flip cover, an ultra flat cover, a double cover, a spherical cover, and a lipstick cover. Of course, in the detailed manufacturing process, you can also use hot stamping, silver, oil injection, electroplating and so on.

    In terms of sealing, there are main seals, twill seals, umbrella seals, star seals, and profile seals. Of course, the production dates that we see on a daily basis basically appear on the seals.

    Color appearance, can be made of colored tubes, bright tubes, bright frosted, pearl tube. In addition, there is also a distinction between matt and light. Matte looks elegant but dirty. The cut-off part of the tail is white, which is a large-area printing tube. The ink used has a high requirement, otherwise it will easily fall off and will be cracked and reveal Super Oval BB Cream Tubes white marks after being folded.

    Cosmetic hoses require unique shapes, many styles, and beautiful colors. If the shipping and handling processes are simply broken and cosmetics simply flow out, such conditions are unacceptable.