The Advantages of plastic hose packaging
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Three advantages of plastic hose packaging:

1. Reduce inventory costs and risks: Customers' demand for faster delivery time pushes hose manufacturers to increase production efficiency, and direct printing requires inventory of finished hose products at a higher cost. Belle cosmetics packaging hoses have a shorter lead time and require only bare tube inventory to reduce the risk of missing stock.

2. The characteristics of the hose's high-strength compression on the entire body requires excellent resistance to extrusion; hose materials are constantly pursuing uniqueness and good hand feeling. Deformation caused by sealing after filling requires hose material to be required. Better softness to ensure a smooth, attractive appearance Tubes Packaging throughout the entire process;

3. Extensive application of hoses, weatherability and anti-content concerns; hoses need to withstand the harsh challenges of practical application. Such as: hose packaging for sunscreen products, need to pass strict light, high temperature, high humidity application test.

In recent years, the traditional metal and glass containers of the daily chemical industry have gradually been replaced by lightweight plastic hose packaging. For the reasons, we can find that the plastic hose has the following advantages:

The plastic hose is easy to use, with bright and beautiful surface, so it has been widely used in the packaging of paste cosmetics, such as the packaging of facial cleanser, hair conditioner, hair dye, and toothpaste in the cosmetics industry, and the Super Oval BB Cream Tubes pharmaceutical industry. Packaging of creams, ointments, and topical medicines.

Plastic hose packaging is economical and easy to carry. Even if it is subjected to high-strength compression, it can be restored to its original shape and maintain a good appearance. The data shows that 60% to 70% of hoses are used in the cosmetics industry, 10% to 15% of hoses are used in the pharmaceutical industry, and 5% are used in the food industry.

Therefore, how to better realize the product design concept through hose packaging and strengthen the decorative effect of hose packaging to more quickly attract consumers' eyeballs and match the brand temperament has become an important topic for end-users to think about.