The subdivision of cosmetic bottles is a question from a university
- May 11, 2018 -

The huge cosmetics market has matured, but can all the cosmetics on the market meet the needs of all consumers? The answer is no. The future cosmetics market should be increasingly segmented to meet the market needs of different regions and people.

For different groups of people, cosmetics have begun to gradually subdivide, men's cosmetics, women's cosmetics, children's cosmetics and cosmetics for the elderly. Different consumer groups have different market demands and consumption characteristics. Cosmetic bottles also have targeted designs based on market segments. Men's cosmetic bottles are more masculine, personality, and easy to use. Ms. cosmetics bottles are more warm, romantic and feminine. Children's cosmetic bottles need to reflect more cartoon elements and children's psychological needs. For the elderly with cosmetic bottles should be reflected in humanized design and ease of use. We once said that cosmetic bottles are a "weapon" for cosmetics companies to promote their products. In the subdivided cosmetics market, cosmetic bottles designed to meet the needs of various similar cosmetic markets are also embodied in the marketing skills of a company.

The subdivided cosmetics market in different regions is more embodied in the subdivision of cosmetics according to the customs and economic development of different places. In the cosmetic bottle packaging, it is mainly in the cosmetics bottle cost, material distinction and design can not be involved in and violate different religious customs and customs, etc.