Three advantages of Plastic Tubes Packaging
- Jun 25, 2018 -

1. Reduce inventory costs and dangers: Customers' demand for faster delivery time pushes hose manufacturers to increase production power, and the need for hose inventory during direct printing is even higher. 

2. The characteristics of the hose's high-strength kneading on the entire body requires excellent kneading resistance of the raw materials; the constant pursuit of uniqueness of the hose materials and the outstanding use of the hand feel; the deformation caused by the sealing after filling requires hoses to have data requirements More excellent softness, to ensure that in the entire application process has always insisted on the smooth, attractive appearance;

3. The extensive use of Plastic Tubes Packaging, weather resistance and the importance of anti-content; hose demand can withstand the harsh application of practical application. Such as: for the sunscreen hose packaging, demand after a severe light, high temperature, high humidity test.