Cosmetic Caps (including Cover, Cover (plug, Pad)) Appearance Requirements
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Cosmetic caps (including cover, cover (plug, pad)) appearance requirements:

(1) inner cover

① complete, smooth and no deformation, clean, dust-free, oil and so on.

② with cosmetic bottles and cosmetic caps with good, shall not leak.

(2) Cover

① correct, smooth, no broken, cracks, burrs (burrs) and burst phenomenon, uniform color, not color, consistent with the standard sample.

② thread, etc. with the structure intact.

③ plus anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform and complete, the same color and standard samples.

④ clamshell cover turned flexible.

⑤ cosmetic caps and cosmetic bottles with tight, no sliding teeth, loose, leaks and so on.