Everywhere PET Preforms
- May 15, 2018 -

In recent years, socio-economic development has been more and more rapid. PET preforms have been used more and more in daily life. Just like what people drink like black tea, sprite or cola, but you are drinking during the hot summer. Did the drink at the same time think of where this beverage bottle came from, and how did it produce these various bottles? Let us explain to you the origin of these bottles today. These beverage bottles are inseparable from plastic preforms. The preforms are injection molded products. They are intermediates. Beverage bottles are blow-molded and mineral water bottles. The black tea bottle material is mainly made of PET. The material produced by this material is hard, tough, high in strength, bright in surface, non-toxic in environmental protection, and can be used with peace of mind. Summitek is a professional manufacturer of plastic preforms. Each series of plastic preforms produced is very durable, stretch-resistant and has a long service life. Welcome everyone to buy.